The following terms and their respective definitions (and elaborating paragraphs) describe the intellectual property which comprises this website (i.e. the website whose domain name is phonetically worded as Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com).

FILE: a named finite sequence of binary digits which represents exactly one uniquely corresponding piece of information.

Each web page which comprises this website is encoded as exactly one uniquely corresponding Hyper-Text-Markup-Language file.

INTELLECTUAL_PROPERTY: a named collection of some natural number of files.

OPEN_SOURCE: a classification of intellectual property which makes that intellectual property legal for any person to make indefinitely many copies of, to distribute any of those copies without restriction, and to include any of those copies wholly or partially as part of any person’s own original intellectual property.

PUBLIC_DOMAIN: open source intellectual property which is considered to be ownerless and part of the public World Wide Web.

The author of this website (i.e. Karlina Ray Beringer) has attempted to save each web page within this website to the WayBack Machine at Archive dot Org for the purpose of enabling that web page to be unconditionally accessible on the public World Wide Web as a digital artifact for any person to use.

This web page was last updated on 13_AUGUST_2022. The content displayed on this web page is licensed as PUBLIC_DOMAIN intellectual property.